The realization of a Tatuus racecar starts in the Design Department.
The design area, where engineers and draughtsmen work, avails itself of most advanced softwares for design
(Solid Work) and planning (Nastran), which perfectly integrate themselves with staff’s planning and calculation ability.
The above mentioned softwares are managed by an high performance computer, based on a 64 bit AMD processor, with Opteron processor in cluster architecture.


In Research&Development area, engineers use a specific software, worked out with Fluent specialists -the CFD Fluent- which permits the simulation of aerodynamic features of the cars.
The software is able to effect a 3D aerodynamic analysis about the plan.
It gives the possibiliy to improve and optimize, since from the layout of the plan, the car components, having an aerodynamic influence and other details (strake duct, air cooling duct, etc.)

Structural analysis is done to optimise the car components using finite elements analysis (FEA – Patran-Nastran).
Rapid prototyping 3D machine is used to improve the manufacturing time and to test complex installation.
To support and complete this analysis, afterwards development tests are executed in “Wind Tunnel”, on scale 1:3 models.


In the Manufacturing Department Tatuus produces the major mechanical components for its cars.
The production is done with CNC machines, 5 NC multi-axis milling machine, 3 NC lathes.
The workshop department is also equipped with manual machines and welding shop.
The CNC department uses CAM system that exchange via intranet the models with design office.