Tatuus brief presentation cars produced and current markets

Tatuus, managed by Gianfranco De Bellis and Artico Sandonà, is a Company working in Racing Cars Competitions sector, since 1980. The Company designs, produces and sells racing cars. The cars created for the different categories in the last 30 years activity, have always been winning, permitting the Company to expand on an international scale.

An important step in the year 2000, when Renault Sport entrusted Tatuus with the carrying out of F.Renault 2000, monotype formula single-seater, with carbon fibre chassis. The new series knew a great expansion all around the world with more than 900 cars sold in 8 years. Tatuus built for Renault Sport also the Formula Renault 1.6 and the Formula Renault V6.

Formula Monza 500cc
Formula Renault 2.0
Formula Renault 1.6
Formula Renault V6
15 models
930 models (2000 FIA F.3 rules)
130 models
30 models (2000 FIA F.3.000 rules)


In 2004 Toyota committed to Tatuus a new formula to create the Formula Toyota New Zealand series. In 2005 HondaNissan and Toyota committed to  Tatuus 30 new Tatuus FC106, a single make formula for the Japanese market which started the F. Challenge championship in 2006. In 2007 Tatuus and N.Technology introduced a new single-seater Formula which has competed  with the European rounds of the FIA WTCC.

Formula Toyota FT-040
Formula Challenge Japan
Formula Master
40 models (2000 FIA F.3 rules)
30 models (2000 FIA F.3 rules)
50 models (2008 FIA F.3 rules)

In 2009 Tatuus tendered with success for the contract to project a new single seater required by the Italian Federation (CSAI). The Formula Abarth debuted in 2010 with the Italian Championship in the years after the car is used to organize the Chinese Championship, Pan-American Championship and a series in Russia. Also in 2010 Tatuus begins a relationship with the Italian Federal School ACI-CSAI and Ferrari FDA ( Ferrari Driver Academy ) with the new program aimed at young drivers emerging.

Tatuus in 2012 made ​​the first prototype car ( class CN2 ) destined to sprint racing, hill climb and endurance race, made ​​his debut in the sprint race of the Italian Championship, winning the pole position at the end of the year, Tatuus participated in the first 6 Hours race in Portugal, winning the race in its debut in Endurance race.

In 2013 Tatuus realizes for Renault Sport for the new FR 2.0, the car was immediately appreciated and produced in 185 units at today. In the same year Tatuus realizes the new installation for the Volkswagen engine for Formula Master China.

Tatuus at the end of 2013 is selected by the FIA ​​in order to realize the new FIA F.4 car, that will debut in the Italian Championship 2014, will be the first car F.4 FIA. In 2015 also the German Federation Adac decide to use F.4 Tatuus cars, as well the new Championship NEZ (North European Zone). The Tatuus F.4 car has also been chosen from the group MSV UK, to realize with the engine Cosworth a car for the F.3 British Championship 2016.

At the beginning of 2014 Toyota New Zealand concluded a cycle of 10 years with the prestigious Tatuus car and signing a new agreement for the new F.Toyota FT50 for the tear 2015.

Formula Abarth
Prototype PY 012 Honda
Formula Renault 2.0 - 2013
VW Formula Master China
FIA Formula 4 T-014
Formula Toyota FT-050
Tatuus Cosworth MSV
120 models (FIA F.3 rules)
20 models (FIA CN2 rules)
185 models (FIA F.3 rules)
24 models (update kit)
130 models (FIA F.4 rules)
26 models (FIA F.3 rules)
26 models (FIA F.4 rules)

In total, in the last 15 years, the number of cars produced has been more than 1700 units and makes Tatuus one of the most successful racing cars manufacturer and actually more than half of Formula One Drivers refined his experience on Tatuus cars