The F.Master, produced in 2007, was the first car to meet the 2008 FIA safety regulations. It run from 2007 to 2009 with FIA WTCC


  Carbon fibre monocoque by Tatuus
Meets 2008 FIA F3 safety regulations
Front and rear crash structures
Wheel tethers
Removable head protection
Roll hoop
  Carbon fibre
  Carbon fibre, extractable, meeting FIA rules
 Safety Harness
  Six-point, three-inch shoulder and lap straps, HANS system
 Steering Rack
  Tatuus machined aluminium
  Steel welded front and rear
  Carbon fibre front and rear, wide range of low-drag/high-downforce set-ups
 Front Suspension
  Pushrod, height register with shim, single damper, aerodynamically-shaped wishbones
 Rear Suspension
  Pushrod, two dampers, aerodynamically-shaped wishbones
 Shock Absorbers
  Koni, bump and rebound adjustable
  Eibach 36 mm x 100 mm
 Brake system
Calipers Brembo four pistons, machined aluminium
Brake Brembo ventilated discs, 278mm x 16mm
Pads Ferodo
Rims OZ magnesium, Front 13x10", Rear 10,5x13" centre-bolt for rapid pit stops
Tires Yokohama, Front 23/56-13, Rear 28/58-13
  Honda K20A, 2.0-litres, four cylinders, fully aluminium, 250 HP, 86mm bore x 86mm stroke, dry sump, solid aluminium machined cam cover and oil pump, carbon fibre airbox, biofuel compatible
  Magneti Marelli Hydraulic gearbox control system
Magneti Marelli data-acquisition system
Pits speed limiter
  Magneti Marelli steering wheel display unit SDU 102
  Magneti Marelli MVL-381 (Marvel 8 vers.2008)
 Exhaust System
  Rochhausen inconel alloy, includes catalyst and silencer
  Sadev sequential six-speed, limited slip differential, gearshift and clutch paddles
  Designed to accept radio system
 TV Cameras
  Designed to accept four TV cameras within aerodynamic body shape