At Tatuus, we combine the latest generation software and expertise of excellence.
We draw, design and build cars driven by a single mission: our continuous search for the best combination between aesthetics and efficiency to achieve perfection in performance.

Our headquarters reflects the idea of a structured but capable working method, and the flexibility and innovation to meet, and anticipate, whatever needs arise while work is in progress.

Where every detail of every aspect of the production chain is taken care of almost obsessively, it is the utmost willingness and collaboration with our clients that makes the difference.

We move fast, we strengthen achievements, we look to the future.

For us, success is a starting point that enables us to see great new opportunities in the motorsport industry. That is why we continue to invest in skills and technology.

Gianfranco De Bellis
Giovanni Delfino
Chief Executive Officer
Artico SandonĂ 

We have consolidated our ongoing partnership with Autotecnica Motori, active for several years now, with the establishment of the group Eccellenze Motorsport Italia.

Today we are able to immediately conceive and propose a complete vehicle for our customers, with integration already in the preliminary project phase.

Breda, a historical Tatuus supplier, is today a company within the group able to support the manufacturers and teams in the construction of mechanical parts and equipment for this environment of competition, development and technology. Breda has been in motorsport since 1988, constantly evolving but with three pillars: experience, technological excellence, passion.